iWatch 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Milanese Loop


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You’ll know it
when you feel it.

When a notification or alert arrives, a gentle tap lets you know right away. Then a quick glance at your watch tells you if it’s something you need to respond to promptly — or not.


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Be alerted with a tap, then raise your wrist to see who it’s from and to read the message.


When an email arrives, you can quickly see the sender and subject. Then tap to read it in full.


Apple Watch shows you invitations, lets you know what’s up next, and alerts you when it’s time to leave for another event.


Get alerts and encouraging messages that keep you motivated to meet your fitness goals.


See who’s calling and answer right on your watch, or cover it with your hand to dismiss. You can ask Siri to return the call later.

Hey Siri, call Allison back

Instant Responses Reply on the fly.

Many notifications have easy ways to respond built right in. For things like messages and email, Apple Watch gives you lots of options for a quick but meaningful reply.

Short, preset phrases

Choose from a list of smart replies tailored to your conversations. You can even create your own preset responses.

Animated emojis

Skip words altogether by sending an animated emoji. Turn the Digital Crown to scroll through all the different expressions.

Dictate a reply

Tap the microphone icon to record what you want to say. Then send it as audio or text.

Quick actions

Some notifications only require a simple response. All you have to do is tap.

Respond to a call with a text

When you’re too busy to pick up a call, you can dictate a message or send a preset phrase.

Answer later with Siri

If you can’t reply on the spot, Siri can redial a call or display recent messages when you have time.


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