Battery Test: iPhone 6 Plus VS iPhone 6s Plus VS iPhone 7 Plus

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Apple’s new phablet does last longer

Apple claims that the larger battery in the iPhone 7 Plus, coupled with its power efficient A10 Fusion processor, gives its new phone an extra hour of life over its predecessor, the iPhone 6S Plus.

We decided to put that claim to the test, and chucked in Apple’s first ever phablet – the iPhone 6 Plus – to the mix as well so you can see how the three generations of 5.5-inch iPhones compare.

In our simple test we cranked screen brightness up to maximum levels and connected all three to the same Wi-Fi network. We then ran a website script on the handsets for two hours, followed by a Real Racing 3 gaming session until they died.

Which phone came out on top? Well, let’s just say the iPhone 7 Plus has a bigger battery for a reason…

Watch our full battery test video below

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